Training in English

Do you need a motivating Personal Trainer to help you reach your goal?

I can help you train running, increase endurance or muscle, or loose weight – anything you set your mind to. Are you aiming to get fit after having a baby or are you going hiking/running to the mountains and need more endurance and power to your legs? Choose from 3, 6, 10 (1 to 3 months) to 20 or 30 (6 to 12 months) sessions packages. 

To support you in reaching your goal, my 3 to 12 month Personal Training packages include (for example, as per agreement)

– an initial assessment and interview

– fitness tests and feedback (beginning and end of our PT session)

– exercise plan

– training together with me (the PT) in the 3 month package from 7 to 10 times

– nutrition guidance if needed

We can tailor the Personal Training package based on your your current fitness level, needs, wishes and goals!

The PT Solo – personalised for you and your needs.

The PT Duo  working out alone isn’t for you and you’d rather train with a friend to reach a common goal. You’ll both get individual training programs, but fitness tests and PT exercise sessions will be held together with the personal trainer. The PT DUO- package is 25% cheaper than two PT SOLO packages sold separately.

Wish it, dream it do it !

You are most welcome to join our group training: running courses and outdoor cross training! You will get enough guidance and feedback in English.

Please don´t hesitate to ask for more details – reach out to me by email